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Typical Installations

Here are examples of installations and some of the rebuilds I have completed of Mikuni/Solex sidedraught carburettors and the odd Weber.  Each one has been provided by owners and myself.  All pictures courtesy of the owners as noted.

This is the place you may find answers, through pictures, to the typical installation issues when moving from OEM set ups or modifying original set ups.

Dual 44 PHH onto 2T using the Mikuni manifold.

This is where it all started for me.  They were meticulously detailed to the point they help win over the judges at the first couple of shows I entered into back in the late 80's early 90's.  All of the external casting marks are filed off, parts chromed and then the rest painted in two pack using two of the three greens off my TA-22.  A picture of how they look today.  Below this is how the Dizzy and the Manifold align for this 2T set up.

Rare Rebuilt PHH50 Type Q.

Dual S5 onto 2T/3T using Redline manifold

Courtesy of S. Norris, in the engine bay of an Australian T18 Corolla.  This is what can be done with a 3T and addresses the issue of distributor clearance and in this case the 3T's fixed and thus limited timing adjustment slot.

The dizzy and oil pump shaft is rotated to clear the manifold, the rotor button is turned 180° and the plug leads re-arranged to get the correct firing order.  Another option for the owner would be to return the rotor button to point to the original spot on the cap for TDC #1, then the leads may fit for length better.

This is a very tidy installation and uses a throttle cable kit I supplied, with owner modified throttle shaft arms from a 2T-G.

PHH40 S5 Solex on Escort/Pinto motor

Only needs the cable connected up to the central arm, pulling up from under the bar.  Uses the OEM Mikuni throttle arms and throttle stop brackets on the PHHs.

Dual DCOE 40mm Weber onto 2T/3T using Mikuni manifold for LHD vehicle

Set up for a Left Hand Drive vehicle shown at full throttle position.  A kit I make up to add to the Mikuni Manifold.

2T-G centre pull cable set up

This is how the cable kit I make up, hooks to the carbs on a 2T-G

Dual PHH40 S5 onto Nissan L16 Manifold.

Dual Type R on 2T-G Manifold with Centre Pull Cable.

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