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Parts for Sale

Here are some pictures of parts not shown anywhere else and are linked from the home page.

It is also a page where sets of rebuilt Solexes and Mikunis will be pictured as they become available.

Mikuni/Solex Rebuild kits

Showing what is supplied in each kit.

Left to right: Type T, Type S5, Type S4.


When an alternate filter is found and is suitably priced I will start including the item again.


PHH 44 Mikuni pair

Importing if required.

$1300 a pair, linkage and jetting to suit at extra cost.


Type T Solex pair

Fresh rebuilds.  Lots of new plated screws and brackets can be done to make a good set for a Concourse 18R-G powered GT Celica.

$700 for the pair, including linkage and jetting to suit.


Ram Tubes (2) (Back to price list)

These ram tubes are available in Blue or Red anodised or polished alloy.  They suit all 40 and 44mm Mikuni and Solex (and Weber and Dellorto).

Two sizes and lengths are readily available and other polished alloy lengths can be sourced, typically 100mm or 25mm.

1) 45mm long, stands 43mm tall from the base.  A set of four, as shown, does a pair of carburettors.  They are a good fit for the 40mm Type T and R and suit the 40mm S4/S5 with the Outer Sleeve in place.

2) These below are 62mm long and stand 55mm tall from the base.  A set of four, as shown, does a pair of carburettors.  They are a good intermediate length and clear the brake cylinder and booster on RHD cars with 2T-G, 18R-G and 2T/3T with Mikuni manifold.

Filter Socks (2) (Back to price list)

Filter Socks are available in red or blue or green, 100mm long 63mm inside diameter. All are pre oiled and come with re-usable cable ties and suit the ram tubes above.  Set of four does a pair of carburettors.

S5 40mm Solex (Back to price list)

Typical rebuilt and detailed pair of S5s, not yet complete but would be when selling. New plating on many brackets and screws. Shown with 18R-G cable ready linkage. Can be set up for any other engine. Jetting to suit application.

PHH40 Mikunis on 2T-3T Manifold (Back to price list)

Rebuilt Type R/PHH40 Mikunis.  These are the same as the ones shown throughout the Mikuni Maintenance manual.  This set up will include cable kit, choice of Ram Tubes, filter socks and enough hardware to bolt it onto a 2T or 3T and go.  OEM Mikuni jetting; #140 Main, #180 Main Air, #57.5 Pilot, #32 Outer Venturi.







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