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OEM Toyota Solex Type T

Main Cover

Uses four bolts to hold cover to main body, plus two that go through the starter/jet cover.  Standard three bolt external float adjustment cover.  Uses the Type R gasket and I include the starter/jet cover gasket, the Air Bypass valve diaphragm and the three bolt Float Cover Gasket.  Both the starter/jet cover gasket and the Air Bypass valve diaphragm are available separately.

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Starter/Jet Cover

This cover is held on with four bolts.  Two that go right through and two that screw into the main cover.

The electrical connection is there to run a small heating element just under the cover and connected into the ignition circuit.  It is put there to pre-heat the air and fuel in climates that get very low temperatures such as found in North America, Japan and throughout Europe.  Here in Australia we can remove the connected wires as we do not need this feature.

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Main Body

Type T is the same as the Type R.  Shows signs if dust inhalation and also in need of a clean.


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