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OEM Solex Type S5

Made in both 40mm and 44mm sizes. The Mikuni 44mm known as the traditional PHH44 and is as represented in the Mikuni Manual

Main Cover

Tops use five bolts to hold them on and use one for the jet cover. Both styles use the same gasket for jet cover and main cover.  This is the typical OEM fuel inlet arrangement.  Note the extra casting on the left hand cover, it holds part of the idle down control mechanism, part of the anti-pollution controls from later 2T-G and early 18R-G engines.

Jet Cover


Two styles found in the 40mm S5 Solex which are used to reduce the bore diameter from the front towards the Inner Venturi. They are in the carburettor to provide an air speed increase at low to mid range revs, which helps to improve the torque of the stock 2T-G motor.  Removing these is one trick to improve top end air flow in modified motors.

Main Body

The S5 main body.  Similar to the S4.  This one showing signs of use and in need of a better clean.


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