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 Updated January 2022. No stocks of Fuel Screen Filter.

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To All my Customers

I have been away from this Pass-Time Hobby for awhile now.  I apologies, my interests are still here, however I have wound down my business side of this hobby.  If I can I will support but in a much reduced offering.

I have been getting a lot of support and parts from UPGRADE MOTORING in the USA.  The guys and girls there have a lot of Mikuni stuff.

As you read I am still updating this site, still not going fancy, but at least it is not 2015!

So my Background

 I have been using and working with Mikuni and Solex sidedraught PHH carburettors since 1984 through my interest in the early Toyota Celicas.

The most common PHH style sidedraughts I see are the S4, S5, Type R (USA) and Type T.

The two most common sizes Mikuni made in the PHH sidedraught range were the 40mm and the 44mm known as PHH40 and PHH44.  The 40mm Solex and Mikuni have a throttle plate stamped #165.  The 44mm Mikuni has a #175 stamped on the throttle plate. The rare PHH50 Mikuni is still around and is sometimes known as a Type Q, it is stamped with #180 on the throttle plate. Type Q was also made as a 40mm and 44mm.

For Toyota engines, Solex carburettors were used on the 2T-Gs and 18R-Gs. These engines were typically imported into Australia with the following set up:

The 18R-G used the 40mm Type T Solex.

The 2T-G used the 40mm S5 Solex.

Over the years of production of 2T-Gs and 18R-Gs various combinations have been built, so it was possible to import both engines that used all three Solex styles and used various styles of manifold.

It is not the intention of this site to go into detail about which model /engine/part number ran which style of Solex, as time has now polluted the scene. Any type Solex can be found on any build of these motors and any type can be set up to run on any motor. There are several other terms used to describe this style of carburetor such as; Side Draft, sidedraught, twin carb, twin barrel carburettor, dual barrel carburettor. Even people mistakingly call them Webers, struth! I will try to be consistant with the term sidedraught.

There were also Solexes made and used in Europe typically by Alfa and Fiat and some German cars of the era. From time to time I have worked with these styles and can get parts if required.

New spare parts are now hard to get with only refurbished/used parts available.

All the tuning parts such as jets, outer venturies and gaskets are readily available from several sources world wide and I use these sources for my stocks.

Mikuni USA no longer support the PHH range of sidedraught carburettor and they used to supply comprehensive spare parts.

Toyota Australia were also able to get parts and now do not stock the spares.

I now have a couple of Japanese sources that can provide new and used OEM and the odd replica parts but we are all un-able to supply some items as they are simply out of stock.

What I can offer

I offer rebuilding services and support to those enthusiasts that own vehicles using Solex or Mikuni sidedraught carburettors and to those who wish to convert to running Solex or Mikuni PHH carburettors.

I collect up un-wanted or damaged 40mm type S and T Solexes, as and when I can, to build up stocks of spare parts.

I am also on the lookout for sets of 44mm Mikunis in need of some attention to rebuild and make available for sale, or if really bad collect them for parts.

I have commenced rebuilding the rare Type Q PHH-2 Mikunis and can get rebuild kits for these.

As time allows, with this part time obsession, I rebuild sets of Solexes that I make available for outright or exchange sales.

I can gather parts to help owners of the ADDHE C40 Solex made in Italy, found on vehicles such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300s..  I am always fielding enquiries about other styles such as the C32 Solex and C35 Solex found on some Lancia Fulvia and Fiat models.  Please make contact for price and availability.

Parts Pricing and Postage

All in Australian dollars with postage calculated the at time of ordering. I can ship anywhere in Australia and most places overseas.

Postage from Australia has gone up again with a change of shipping policies, with typical costs of $45 for Registered International Post or $35 for regular Air Mail for a typical package of Ram Tubes and Filter Socks.

Complete rebuilt pairs of Mikuni/Solex are currently costing $125 to ship with tracking to the UK and similar for the USA.

Accordingly I need to pass on this to my International customers and it now means small parts could become costly to ship.

Payments through PayPal-e-mail or contact me for other options.

E-Mail: [email protected]

For all Japanese made Mikuni/Solex

Please determine the Type and Size of Solex/Mikuni you have by looking at the linked pages.

All kits include a Pump Diaphragm and a fuel Screen Filter.

The Type R and Type T use the Mikuni PHH40 rebuild kit as a basis.

Kits for the Type T are made complete by adding the required starter/jet cover gasket, the starter air bypass Valve Diaphragm and a hand cut three bolt Float Adjustment Cover gasket.

The Type S4 and S5 start off with a basic S5 rebuild kit. This basic kit contains an S5 Main Cover gasket but that gasket does not align with the front two bolt holes of an S4 Solex so the S4 kit is supplied with a correct four bolt Main Cover Gasket. Then other parts are added and subtracted from both kits to get them right.

More often than not I am able to rebuild/remake some parts that are offered for exchange.

All used/re-manufactured parts are offered in a good, functional, clean condition and I am happy to negotiate if parts are not what was expected.

As there is a reasonable stock of carburettors in all states of repair or diss-repair, I can often supply a lot of parts including, screws, nuts, springs, linkages, jet tops and even complete main bodies.

Ask if a part is not listed and I can price it up.

Most metal brackets and screws can also be offered with new plating at a small extra cost.

If you wish to exchange parts, as you order please specify the parts and sizes you have.

If the part is an Inner Venturi or an Idle Mixture Screw I require a picture of the items that clearly shows the worst damage so I can determine if it is in fact, exchangeable.

Individual gaskets are available, but not all are listed so please ask.

Price/Parts List

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