Solex and Mikuni PHH Sidedraught Specialists

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Parts Pictures

Here are some pictures of parts used in the PHH Solex and Mikuni carburettors.  The pictures are an aid to help identify what is required and what is available for sale. Quantities per carburettor shown in ( ).

Inner/Small Venturi, Pump Jets, Pump Diaphragm and Screen Filter (Back to price list)

Jet Block Assembly for 40mm Carby (Back to price list)

From Left to Right:

Main Air Jet (MA), Bleed Pipe (BP), Jet Block, Main Fuel Jet (MJ), Pilot Jet (PJ), Jet Block Housing, Figure 8 Seals

Idle Mixture Screws (Back to price list)

From Left to Right:

Used re-profiled Type T/R, New Type T/R, Used S4/S5, New S4/S5

Outer/Large Venturi (Back to price list)

Outer/Large Venturi New (Back to price list)

Fuel Pipe fittings (Back to price list)

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