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Cable Kit for 40mm Solex on 18R-G manifold -- $150 each





Cable Kit for 40mm Solex on 2T-G manifold -- $150 each (on exchange of part as identified)

This kit is developed to suit the 2T-G manifold and can be used on S4 or S5 centre pull set ups. It can also be ordered to suit Type T/R. Shown below on a 2T-G manifold. The bracket is mounted behind the filter bolt flange ready in this case for Dome/panel type filters.


44mm Mikuni kit for 2T-G -- $POA depending on availability of the Mikunis

40mm S4/S5 Solex/Mikuni version for 2T-G -- $1000

These kits are developed for competition use and carburettors are jetted for modified engines.  Depending on requirements; pilot air corrector size is changed, sleeves are removed from the 40mm S5, larger Outer Venturis are installed and main jetting is increased in size




Competition 2T/3T 40mm S5 Solex, bolt on kit -- $1200

 Includes Carburettors, manifold, option of linkages as shown or centre cable pull and all mounting hardware, Will include filter socks and cable kit.

This particular combination is very long but it does clear the standard Toyota TA-22 Celica brake booster and master cylinder.

It is a very good setup if a non boosted dual master cylinder used as it will give plenty of room for a large air box.. 

If the intended use is for off-road competition, it is recommended that a brace, from the lower centre two filter flange mounts to the block be fabricated.

The manifold has plenty of potential for porting and the extra total length of the intake makes for improvements in low end torque.


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